Workplace Cancer Coaches

Helping organizations help employees and managers who are challenged with cancer and serious illness in the workplace.

Providing a Boutique Group of professional therapists and coaches to coach those impacted by cancer (or other serious/chronic illness) in your company.

Cancer is a disruptive disease … and it hits over 40 % of the population. It hits, young and old, female (1 out of 3), men (2 out of 3), white people, people of color, rich or poor, of all religions.

If we consider this, then let’s presume that at least 30% bring their cancer with them to work. Then, let’s assume other serious illnesses:  e.g. heart conditions, auto-immune diseases,  kidney disease, MS, arthritis, etc.  The number of people going to work with serious illness is very high.

Ask yourself:  What is our company doing to help our valued employees while they experience their own illness or that of a loved one.?

You probably use your EAP programs for short-term counseling or even coaching. You use your Wellness Programs as well. These are great … BUT, there might be something missing.

Workplace Cancer (and serious illness) Coaches offer a Boutique selection of people to counsel and coach for those who are not ready for highly-intense exercise regimens or they are needing coaching and counseling from those who really know and understand.

We offer credentialed/licensed professionals with many years of professional experience. And, each of them have been selected because they have experienced their own illness (or that of a loved one) and KNOW how it feels. We believe it’s helpful to have someone who has been there .. eg HAD an illness themselves.

Our system will not use complicated technology platforms to match and communicate.  We will be at your service via telephone or email Zoom or text. Conversations “rock” in our world.

Method:  Referrals will come directly from the employee him/herself. Or, an employee can enter though HR referrals. Then, they have an email or phone contact with us to talk directly and describe their situation. They will be hand-matched with a couple of professionals to select from. Then, services will be offered in-person if local, or via phone or zoom or skype.

The number of  sessions will be determined by the company contract with us and will be a FREE Benefit for the employees.

NOTE: Companies ONLY pay for services when wanted; no monthly or annual contracts.

Who is this good for:

  1. High level executives wanting to keep knowledge of their illness very confidential .. he /she must continue to lead at this difficult time and assure the employee base of his/her presence.
  2. Middle  level  team members who have their own illness or have a loved one he/she has caretaking responsibilities for (spouse, child, parent) and needs support and direction.
  3. Additionally, other employees who are experiencing major illness will also be able to use this Boutique service when referred by their manager.

Rationale for why we focus on Executive level clients: They might not want to share their illness pubically, e.g. publicity, stock impact. They feel inclined to continue to run the business throughout the illness experience because of the fact they may not be replaceable. Working with a coach in this realm gives them the right “fit” for balancing all the pieces.

A bit about the founder Ann Fry:

I have survived Breast Cancer and have lost two brothers to cancer.  I also have a son who had cancer and has been free for many years. I am sick of cancer and how it interferes with every aspect of a person’s life.

In addition, I currently have Sjogren’s Syndrome and Fibromyalgia (both in the auto-immune arena, plus IBS. There are days when I feel weak, tired and just don’t want to get out of bed However, I LOVE my work and helping people. I suspect I will continue to work for many years to come.

As for credentials: I’ve had them all. I’ve been a special education teacher, a clinical social worker (MSW), a professor in 3 different universities. For the past 31 years I have worked for myself in these  capacities and also as an Executive Coach for large corporations (mostly in the biotech world), and I am a professional speaker.

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